Monday, August 17, 2009


Hello to the four and a half people who are going to read this! Sorry we haven't reviewed anything for a while (not that you care about our opinions).

My dad is still trying to write his review for MiB and The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, so prepare for something far better than any review that I could write. We're also trying to work something out that would be called something like "Our Top Five Top Five Lists" every five reviews (we like the number five).

By the way, if the couple people that read this are confused about the rating sytem we use, and you're not sure if we use the four-star, the five-star, or two-hundred-sixty-nine-star rating system, it states clearly under EVERY SINGLE POST that we use the four-star. Hopefully I cleared that up if there were any misunderstandings, which I doubt very highly because the chances of having any misunderstandings about the rating system when there is only a small, pink lamp on the planet Venus that reads our reviews is as likely as Barack Obama eating his dog, painting The White House a dark shade of purple, and then doing a hula dance in front of thousands of McCain supporters.

Thank you for reading this, and Happy Hanukkah!

(Father & Son Reviews uses the two-hundred-sixty-nine-star rating system, and if you noticed this easter egg you've got a lot of time on your hands.)


Must Love Movies said...

= ) update some more

William Wallace Grigg said...

I'm very sorry that I didn't get around to publishing your comments. I am sometimes pretty busy. I'll try to get some more reviews on in a couple of days, and try to get my father to write his review for MiB and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Anonymous said...

if you believe hard enough than you might get five and a half people to view your blog. There are only 5,213,006 other blog for people to read after all!


Anonymous said...

Hey I actually read your reviews and I like them. So bad there are only for old movies... Please keep it up and update! Also it's cool that you do it with your father, I never did cool things with my father :-(

William Wallace Grigg said...

Whoever said that we only reviewed old movies? :) Sorry that we haven't done anything for a while, I am VERY busy in school and my dad is trying to find a job, but I will update as soon as possible.